A Tribute to the former Lacy Elementary School

Warren, PA

Lacy Elementary School, c.1930 courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society

Remember the neighborhood schools we used to have before the Warren Area Elementary Center (WAEC) was even a thought? The neighborhood friendships and feeling of localized identity that was present in the old model of schooling may be the biggest loss with the new centralized building model. Nowhere else was school pride greater than at Lacy Elementary School on the East Side of Warren, on the current site of Warren Shurfine from 1928 to 1989.

Lacy, with its long straight hallways that seemed to go forever when you were small, its modest gymnatorium, small but well-equipped library, and its noisy radiators was the daily home and center of learning for hundreds of children, easily spanning 3 or 4 generations. We learned everything from how to count and recognize colors to reading , mathematics, science, basic art skills, music, and maybe most importantly how to interact with other people. We were a small school by most standards, and because of that we were among the first to go during the early wave of consolidation that saw Lacy, Irvinedale, and McClintock all close their doors.

Those doors may have closed, and the building may be gone, but in the alumni of Lacy Elementary School, pride in the Lacy Lions lives on in our fond memories from those days long ago that shaped us in so many ways. This web site is a tribute to our school, it is a place where we hope to capture some of the memories we have from Lacy, and to tell a bit of its history.

Today, elementary school students of the City of Warren and its surrounding townships experience state-of-the-art opportunities in education at WAEC. We could only have dreamed of having the opportunities that they have now. At WAEC there is a much broader friend base, more technology, specialized teachers all in one building, a well equiped gymnatorium and separate cafeteria. But still, with all of its benefits, the one loss with WAEC, is the closer localized friendships we all established with the children we spent 6 or 7 years with in the same class. These kids all lived within walking distance from each other, making it easy to play with friends. We'd play crazy kid games like kick the can, chase, kickball, or whatever we could come up with in the days before Wii.

We cannot and probably should not ever go back to the neighborhood system of schooling, but for those of us who experienced it, it is hard to imagine doing it any other way. We miss the building, we long for the simple days of our youth, but time moves on and so must we all. But we will never forget Lacy Elementary and our time there. We are the Lions...Hear us roar!!!


Page developed by Todd Ristau and Terry Stuart of the HS Class of 1987

Last updated March 28, 2009